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Dr. Ross Blagg


Dr. Ross Blagg Longevity and Healthspan

Welcome to DrRossRx!  As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, TX, I spend many of my days helping patients fight the physical manifestations of aging.

I often have long conversations with patients about the fact that we are all going to get older, and that's okay. However, we can focus on things that make us look more like we feel (often younger than our actual age). That is where plastic/cosmetic procedures can be of use.  But changes to our appearance are really only part of the battle in stopping the effects of age.

Aging (why we age, how it happens, how some age faster than others) has always fascinated me and that fascination has led to years of research into longevity and lifespan. This blog is intended to share those thoughts and to promote conversations around them. I hope you join along in this journey to better understand aging and to hopefully apply some principles to enhance your own lifespan!

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